Why Your Web Site Design Is Important

On January 26, 2013

An ugly web site may attract visitors, but most of the time it won’t keep them. Your web site is your calling card. It tells the visitor a lot about you. If it looks cheesy or cookie-cut, visitors will relate that to who you are and the quality of your product or service.

First impression is all important. As with selling a house or car, the customer’s first impression will most likely decide whether they want what you are offering or not. Remember, another site offering the same product or service is probably just a click away.

A professional looking web site will tell your visitors that you care enough about your business to invest in an easily navigable, high quality site. The site should not only be pleasing to the eye, but also offer detailed information and pictures of your product or service, and every way possible to place an order or contact you. It should also contain important meta keywords and descriptions so it will rank higher in search engine results.

No one can guarantee your site will list in the top 10 in search engine results. Anyone who tells you that is lying. But a well optimized site will rank in the highest position possible.

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