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Build Your Home On the Web

NetImages Design Co. has been building quality web sites since 1996. So, how come you’ve never heard of us? Good question. And the answer to that is simply that with only word of mouth to spread the word, we haven’t had a need to advertise our services. If you didn’t hear good things about us from a friend or collegue, you wouldn’t know about us.

You see, we aren’t a web site factory. We don’t churn out cookie-cut designs with MS FrontPage and call it done. We like to work one on one with our clients. To build them the site that they want. Then they tell their friends and associates. No advertising keeps our costs down, and we pass these savings on to our clients.

I don’t think I can afford you, you say. Think again. We know it’s possible to design a quality web site for a reasonable price because we do it all the time. Contact us for a quote.

Communication is an important part of developing the right site for each client. Each one of our clients is unique, with individual needs. What works for one probably won’t work for another. Working closely with our clents ensures a good end result.

Sometimes a simple web site isn’t enough. We can add a multitude of options to enhance your visitor’s experience. Want to add a blog? You buy it, or choose a WordPress blog, and we can install it for you. Shopping cart? We can install that.

Script Installation

We can install your CGI or PHP scripts onto your server at a reasonable price! Click here for more information.