Link Removal

If you are receiving Google notices regarding “unatural links” on one of our sites, please read this before requesting a link removal:

First of all, don’t send us emails threatening to send Google a “disavow links” report or that Google will “flag” our sites, since the reason for the link is probably due to you using SEO tactics in the past to cheat the system. We didn’t create these articles, and are not legally responsible to remove any links contained in the article. Multiple emails of this sort will be considered unsolicited, and treated as spam.

Since we have to manually remove links, we must charge a fee for this service. This fee covers our costs to assign someone to hunt down and remove the links. The cost for this service is $10 USD for each link removed.

You must provide us with direct URL’s to the articles containing the link and domain(s) the links point to. All links will be removed within 24 hours of payment.

You can make payment for this service securely online in our shopping cart:

Contact us if you have any questions.